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August 20, 1986
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Since the dawn of time man has always tried to call in if something divine, as if the individual were not enough reason to explain the doubts that are within us.
Very often it is the twilight, nightfall of darkness, that pushes mankind towards a landscape of uncertainty, and it was during the night that the man does this insecurity the his freedom.

Techno music is so similar to the human being who manages to blend perfectly with our nature. A perfect combination of logic and irrationality, of freedom and rules, power and weakness.

Each track-respecting is the mirror of our existence: there is an intro, a moment of maximum suspense, the climax is at the top, then there is an end, but not a decline but it is only the fall of the curtain After an exciting show.
The rhythm and loops are to techno as the circle of life: they are repeated constantly. On the night uncertain and insecure is this rhythm that draws our way, a way that light is colored by acid sounds, a path that feeds faith, a spiritual guide.

We love techno because our thoughts are driven by texts or choruses, we love techno because there's never liked those who forced us something, we love techno because we struggle with our demons and feel free to do so.
We love techno because it's fucking like life and the human being.

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