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Hi, and welcome to my page!

DJ, several years of experience mixing music in front of live audience at Bars, Lounges and New York Night Clubs (e.g. Club Rhumba, China Club, Club New York, Club Pearl and Club NV). In addition, experience in professional parties such as weddings, sweet sixteen’s and car shows. Knowledge of Electronic Music and artist ranging from various genres, beat mix two songs, read crowd for music selection and more!

I have been a DJ for roughly 23 years coming from the 90’s, an age of turntables and CD’s. In 1993 I began DJ with small gigs such as House Parties and moved onto bigger venues like sweet sixteen’s and several formal parties that eventually lead to weddings. I then moved on from the formal party engagements and onto the car show scene in 2004 where I performed for many Car show events around the tri-state area of New Jersey and out of state. In between doing Parties and Car shows, I found the opportunity to DJ at night clubs such as Club NV in New York as a special guest DJ. Afterwards, I landed a chance to become a resident DJ in New Jersey where I took residency for a lounge called “Groove Lounge” in North Bergen NJ. I also had opportunities to DJ at several lounges in and around New Jersey.

My DJ career was in full gear, but had abruptly stopped in 2006 where the political and financial part of the business had taken its toll. I decided to step away from the professional DJ scene and concluded towards my day job in retail to support myself. I was eventually laid off from my job and took a different path to further my future in a career choice. In the process, I sold all my DJ equipment. Due to poor investments, I found myself near homeless with friends and family helping to pick up the pieces.

I picked myself up and studied for an opportunity to work with children and found employment working with families and children. Somewhere along the way working with kids, I found motivation to begin DJ again through them. I found myself making music CD’s for kids and teens and was told that I should not give up on my talents as a DJ.

In 2013 I spent time saving funds and making music mixes on my HP laptop until I raised the money to purchase decent DJ equipment.

In 2014 I bought DJ equipment that can help open the door and enter the new age of mixing music together.

It's been hard times and here I am continuing to make something out of all that's gotten me here.