How To Properly Handle The Case Of Stainless Steel Faucets Blocked
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Leanhu Village, Mazhu Town ,Yuyao , Zhejiang , China
Leanhu Village, Mazhu Town ,Yuyao , Zhejiang , China
The faucet is an item that is used by every household. The faucet is widely used. The faucet is used for bathing, the faucet is used for washing dishes, and the faucet is used for washing vegetables. If the faucet in the home is blocked, it will make people feel very distressed. So what is the problem of faucet blockage? What should I do if my home faucet is blocked? Next, the stainless steel faucets manufacturer will introduce you to this content.

First, what is the problem of faucet blockage?
Whether it is stainless steel or other materials, they will produce a certain amount of rust during use. Some of these rusts are caused by water quality, while others are caused by unqualified faucets. For various reasons, it is easy. Blocking the faucet, causing poor water flow.

Second, how to do the faucet blocked?
1, the quality problem of the faucet: Close the total valve, change a faucet.

2, scale blockage: Remove the tap, pour some hydrochloric acid into it, rinse. If there is no hydrochloric acid, you can use white vinegar to soak the scale and continue to use it.

3, foreign body blockage: the interface below the basin is opened with a wrench, the faucet is inverted, and a bottle of water is poured into the inside. If the water flowing out at the back end is not smooth, it proves that there is foreign matter in the faucet tube. If it is blocked at the pipeline, you can take the high-pressure water mode of the shower head with a shower. If the foreign matter is larger and more stubborn, you can use a hard wire to insert the faucet to clear it. If it is a faucet joint, it is usually called a faucet, and it is blocked at the position where it is in contact with the countertop. It is necessary to find a thin steel wire and make a hook at one end to slowly hook out the foreign matter. After the treatment, the faucet is poured into the water. This washing process can flush out the small debris that has just been smashed out to ensure that the debris is completely drained.

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