Kitchen Faucets Manufacturers Introduces The Characteristics Of Low Pressure Faucets
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Thursday, August 15, 2019 11:37 am - 2:37 pm

Leanhu Village, Mazhu Town ,Yuyao , Zhejiang , China
Leanhu Village, Mazhu Town ,Yuyao , Zhejiang , China
In the faucet market, all kinds of faucets are eye-catching. So today, kitchen faucets manufacturers talk about the faucet according to the pressure classification, can be divided into low-pressure faucets and high-pressure faucets, then what is the difference between them?

1. Test the water is to see the sealing performance of the faucet, there is no leakage, if the faucet head is at 2.5Mpa, the low pressure is not leaking at 0.05Mpa. OK.1.2Mpa refers to the pressure of water.

2. Low pressure taps are generally used in the UK market because the water pressure is relatively low. This kind of faucet has special requirements on water flow. The performance is as follows: first, the valve core hole is large, and second, the water outlet nozzle has no mesh, and the barrier is minimized, the gap is large, and the flow rate is increased.

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