Kitchen Faucets Manufacturers Share The Faucet Blocking How To Solve
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Monday, August 19, 2019 11:16 am - 2:16 pm

Leanhu Village, Mazhu Town ,Yuyao , Zhejiang , China
Leanhu Village, Mazhu Town ,Yuyao , Zhejiang , China
Since every household will use the faucet, for some small problems, everyone should learn to solve it themselves, which saves effort and saves money. Then the following kitchen faucets manufacturers will tell you how to solve the problem if you encounter the faucet blocking. ?

1. If there is a problem with the quality of its own, then we need to close the main valve and replace a new one from the head.

2. If the scale is deposited in the tap water, so that it is blocked, then we can first disassemble the faucet and then pour some hydrochloric acid into it for scouring. If there is no hydrochloric acid, we can also use the white vinegar to soak the scale and continue to use it.

3. If we have not used the faucet for a long time, it may be that it has rust inside. At this point we are able to use some rust and rust preventive lubricants that have good affinity and permeability to metals. It is possible to leave the rust layer and the metal layer away. Make the rusted part and the metal contact surface and leave a protective film. Of course, the faucet is a stainless steel raw material.

4. If the water flow is smooth, it may be that there is a blockage in the pipe. At this moment, we can use the high-pressure water form of the shower head used in the bathroom top. If the foreign matter is larger and stubborn, the hard wire can be inserted. The water tap is used for dredging.

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