400w Led Flood Light Manufacturer Shares Fire And Explosion Protection Technology
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Wednesday, September 11, 2019 6:44 am - 9:44 am

336# Tongning Road, Jiangbei District, Ningbo Of China
336# Tongning Road, Jiangbei District, Ningbo Of China
Below, the 400w Led Flood light manufacturer will introduce the basic principles of fire and explosion prevention:

1. Prevent and limit the formation of flammable and explosive systems;

2. When burning explosive substances cannot be avoided, it is necessary to eliminate or isolate all kinds of ignition sources as much as possible;

3. Prevent and limit the spread of fire and explosion, and minimize the damage caused by fire and explosion accidents.

4. Ignition source elimination and control: Eliminating the ignition source is the most basic measure for fire and explosion protection.

5. Open flames: Open flames refer to open flames, sparks, sparks, etc., such as heating fires during production, maintenance of welding fires and other sources of ignition are the most common causes of fire and explosion.

6. Control of heating fire: The arrangement of open fire heating equipment should be away from the process equipment and storage tank area where flammable gas or vapor may be leaked, and should be arranged in the wind direction or side wind direction. For the heating device with splash spark, It should be placed in the side wind direction of the equipment and if more than one open flame device is present, it should be concentrated at the edge of the unit.

7. Maintenance control of welding and cutting fire: When welding and cutting, the scattered spark and metal molten granules have a low temperature of 1500~2000°C, and the flying distance can reach 20m when working at height. At the same time, the flammable gas should meet: the lower explosion limit is greater than 2%的标准。 4% (% by volume) of flammable gas or vapor, the concentration should be less than 0.5%; the lower limit of the explosion of less than 4% of flammable gas or vapor, the concentration should be less than 0.2% of the standard.

8. Other sources of fire: In places where there is a risk of fire and explosion, such as factories, warehouses, oil depots, etc., no candles, matches or ordinary lamps should be used; cars and tractors are generally not allowed to enter, if they need to enter, their exhaust pipes A spark extinguisher should be installed on it.

9. The safety torch in the chemical plant shall maintain a fire separation distance of 100m from the production equipment, oil tank and grease trap of A, B and C.

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