Stainless Steel Faucets Manufacturers Share How To Properly Decorate Small Units
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Thursday, September 19, 2019 7:54 am - 10:54 am

Leanhu Village, Mazhu Town ,Yuyao , Zhejiang , China
Leanhu Village, Mazhu Town ,Yuyao , Zhejiang , China
When doing home decoration, there are a lot of owners and friends who don’t know much about how to decorate a small apartment. The stainless steel faucets manufacturer below will introduce you how to decorate small apartments.

1. Don't choose deep and oppressive tones, windows should be as flat as possible on the outer wall, and the outwardly diffusing windows can enlarge the indoor space.

2. the room can not be placed too much, at the same time, in a limited space to put relatively simple and low, or foldable furniture.

3. If the ceiling is used, the effect of the light will be discounted on the one hand, and the space above the room is occupied on the other hand, blocking part of the natural light.

4. the black house lighting is the most important, in addition to the use of light-colored walls, the color of the ground is also very important, it is best to use vitrified tiles, such as paving the floor, it is best to choose a color similar to white birch Shallow.

5. For the black house, getting through the non-bearing wall and switching to the sliding door is far better than always facing a dark wall, and the functionality will be stronger.

6. in the processing of light, it is best to use together with the light furniture. The light and the light-colored walls are the basic rules for making the black house translucent. Remember to choose a combination of furniture that feels brighter.

7. For rooms that are not ventilated, try to choose natural and environmentally friendly things, such as replacing the paint with bright series of wallpapers, and replacing the composite wardrobe with wooden bed cabinets, because natural materials are good for maintaining indoor air quality.

8. adding a multi-functional study room in a small space, you can use the partition skillfully, not only can improve the utilization of space, but also realize the interaction and communication of each space.

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