Composition of Agricultural Chain
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Thursday, March 26, 2020 11:32 am - 2:32 pm

Agricultural Chain errors can affect the correctness of tool movement, and in some cases, it is the main factor affecting machining accuracy. For example, when hobbing gears, the ratio of the speed of the hob to the speed of the workpiece is stable, and it insists on a strict motion relationship.

When the transmission elements in the Agricultural Chain (such as hobbing sheaves, indexing worm gear sets, etc.) have manufacturing errors and installation errors, and they are worn during use, the correct motion contact will be damaged, and the rolled gears will be generated. Errors (such as weekly errors, cumulative errors and tooth errors, etc.). Therefore, the transmission accuracy of the machine tool transmission chain depends primarily on the manufacturing and installation accuracy of each transmission element, and secondly on the orientation of each transmission element in the transmission chain.

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