Aja & Claire Simone
I can feel the heat !
Thanks Brother!!
DJ J For J is online.
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Christian Kaschel
DJ J For J is online.
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meSSieurG From French Riviéra
Cedric LASS
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Anna Yarari Sumpero
DJ English
WICKED Techno Set Nolzey Nice To See You Back Mate Smile Smile Smile NICE ONE Smile
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Welcome to eDEEJAY- The DJ Social Network

Let's say you are a rnb hip hop mix DJ and you want to share your DJ mixes with the World : eDeejay is the right place.

You spin techno DJ mixes as well? We do it too !. Simply upload your content on the eDeejay cloud, and share in a snap.
Alternatively you can import Soundcloud DJ sets or even remixes from Mixcloud or Youtube.

Get the opportunity to compete with famous DJ’s and producers in the eDeejay DJ charts. Participate to the House charts competition, Techno charts and many other categories of EDM music such as Trance or Drum’n Bass.

Share your gigs, musical events or live sets within our community of electronic music artists, but also share on social networks to expand your audience.

Promote your profile and find bookings from electro radios, night clubs, parties and festivals.

Showcase your tracks, remixes or bootlegs to labels, producers and promoters members of the eDeejay community.

Discuss the art of DJ mixing, musical production techniques or dj software with dozens of other dj's and professional artist in our discussion forums.