From Aschaffenburg, Germany
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  • RaptoR Rhythmone RaptoR Rhythmone
  • hong-kong fu fu hong-kong fu fu
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  • Lychee Lychee
danke fur your support my friend, I hope you are ok......!
cheers ;-)
Deejay Angelo
hello Steffche , Nochmals vielen Dank für Ihre Unterstützung. Sind Sie noch da. Es macht mich wirklich glücklich. Vor langer Zeit habe ich nicht nach Deutschland zu gehen. Ich muss meinen BMW auf d...
Hi mate, thanks for your support ;-)
hi ronan..only wanna leave some nice greetz to the near weekend ;-) take care
hey my friend.. you've done everything right cannot satisfy everyone here.
your work is unique ;-) peace stefan
Deejay Angelo
Hello Steffche, you made me laugh, I'm not going to shoot, everyone has their preferences, they are just as respectable as the work of a deejay. Thank you for your sincerity, and that's what I prefer ...
Hi Mr Steff,
Sorry for your mood ! :/
But thank you for taking time to listen to this sinister stuff !
I tried to create a more "solar" vibe with the last tracks. But, apparently, I failed !!! smile
danke fürs feedback!
sorry my friend ...wanted to listen to your newer mixes but everytime the stream breakaway-come back later
hong-kong fu fu
thanks a lot 4 your support and strong comment on Be-Twins vol 4 !!
a pleasure to please U with our favorite sound !!
cheers !
good day in Germany !
hab mal wieder was neues gemacht : )
freu mich über deine meinung smile
greets d.
hi lychee...wondering and miss you a little bit- no worry i'm busy too. if you have some news ...i'lll definitely be there. ;-) greetz stefan
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