From Atlanta, United States
Good stuff; you know what u r doing
Hello if you have time you can listen my last neo retro :
Thanks for the support on Jazzy Grooves 2!! Much appreciated!
Cheers smile
ta for the vote and comment, was just aquick mix!
DJ BigVic
thanks for the U and Me mix feedback smile
DJ BigVic
thanks for the The Answer mix comment and vote smile
DJ BigVic
thanks for the By Myself mix support smile
Track Eleven
Glad you liked my "trust The Vibe" set, nice touch that you appreciated the Suzanne Vega track - one of my old time favs. Stay tuned for more (Check out the new "Breezin'"Wink.
Thanks, To take the time to listen and comment my set
" Best RnB 70 71 72 "
I really appreciate your support
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