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November 9, 1984
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Since meeting in 1999 as interns working at a recording studio, Alix Alvarez and Victor Font (aka Mr.V) have made an impact on house music worldwide one record at a time. Creating an official partnership in 2002 they founded a weekly Saturday night party in NYC called SOLE Channel. The mission was to create an atmosphere around deepdance grooves and present it to a younger generation of club heads. Alix, an already budding producer and Dj had been creating jams on labels such as Blackvinyl U.K., 83 West and Yoruba to name a few, while Mr.V was homing his skills in the studio creating his own gems on labels such as Ricanstruction Label and Vega Records.

Armed with fresh sounds, new ideas and exciting musical collaborations with people such as Franck Roger, Arnold Jarvis & Siji, SOLE Channel is more than just a label with a copy and paste formula. It is innovative, on-point and forward thinking. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to SOLE Channel Music.