From Entenhausen, Germany
DJ BigVic is online.
thanks for the HipHop Christmas mix feedback smile
Primal Groove
yep...another 5 hours here. thx buddy! =)
Dj Guido P
Thanks Wondermike!
Your support placed on my 'Loungin' in the night' was really appreciated smile
Take care
Grand merçi pour ton com. & soutien sur le MOTOWN smile Wink
Keith Monale
Hey dude ...I felt I MUST thank you for all your comments on my mixes ...and for taking the time to listen. I think you are a Connoisseur! Thanks a million ...I appreciate the support!
Dj Guido P
Hey Wonder!
Tjhanks for supporting my Spritz Sound mix, glad you enjoyed it Wink
Keith Monale
smile ...thank you Bud!! You comment touched me soul in deep places! Thanks a million for doctoring my day!
Keith Monale
Hi there. Thanks a million for your comment on my Lounge mix. I appreciate it tons!
de la ioakim
Thanks for the lovely comment smile Happy that it makes you happy!
Thank you for your kind words & vote on soul #58. cheers ++
thank again for nice com and support.....!
best regards from france ;-)
Captain Zappo
Thank you for taking the time to vote on my mix! It is really appreciated smile
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