Charles Wild

From Hanover, Germany
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Charles Wild
Charles Wild
Bonjour Tankinou, merci beaucoup for the feedback on Crystal Pioneer. Greetings aus Osterreich! DJCW
Charles Wild
Hi Franyo, great feedback on Crystal Pioneer, thanks, and thanks for the vote! Nice to meet you, DJCW
Charles Wild
Hi Vorlure, thanks for the feedback and the vote on Crystal Pioneer. I'm glad you liked it! DJCW
Charles Wild
Hi MarcAngelo, thanks for your support - even though it's not your favourite genre. I have a second life as a progressive house / trance DJ on Internet radio and I might upload some of the better set...
Charles Wild
Hi, thanks for the comment and the vote! I appreciate the support. I am always trying to do something different. Cheers, Charles
Charles Wild
Danke sehr for the vote and comment. I appreciate the feedback, and I'm glad you liked it. Schoene Grusse aus Salzburg!
Charles Wild
Hi vaio6! Thanks fro the comment and the vote. I appreciate the support.
Charles Wild
Hi, thanks so much for the comment and the support. I appreciate it! Good DJs stick together. Grusse aus Salzburg...
Welcome to the site!
Cheers smile
Charles Wild
Hi. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. Take it easy! Charles
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