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From Cannes, France
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einstein 18
hello my friend, it's a long time ago, but now we are online again. i hope you do well and we hope to see you again. we will be in corsica this summer from 25 july 3 weeks. if you are going to play ne...
Say something or paste a link...
Say something or paste a link...
Vive Le France ! Ok, At least Juan Les Pins. Cheers mon Amour, awesome mixes.
Thanks for checking out Waking Nightmare, I really appreciate the support!
thank you so much mate...!
best regards ;-)
DJ Lord Heyz
Hi Diva!!
Thank you so much for your support on "Steppin' Thru" D.R and I really appreciate it! Likewise, have a great summer, and hope to see you real soon!!
Ice Diva
Thanks Olivie, Hope to see you again smile Iva
You should open your computer, and hunt the dust bunnies down. No kidding: if you take a vacuum cleaner and blow as hard as you can into your computer, while letting the vacuum cleaner eat the bunnies...
Thanks for the positive feedback Ice!! Always appreciated
Ice Diva
HI djprosergiol, Thank you so much for your support, it is very appreciated always ! smile xx Iva
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