From Bremen, Germany
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It would be better to start at 20:58'50 because the countdown is a little late in this one. But a very great mix, also sounded good today.
Short, but nice to hear the Beverly Hills Cop theme Smile
Thank you for your massive support)))Much appreciated...Zorkan
Many thanks my friend for your support and comment of my Italo,very appreciated))Zorkan.
Hunt Stamos
thanks for the positive remarks. this is my first mix & i hope to make a few more
thanks for banging "mad fly" ---flash news is ready for your listening pleasure!! much love jefr
The Musical Genius
Many thanks for your positive comment on my mix, the Cardio KickMix ( Your feedback is very appreciated! -- TMG
cheers vote and comment mate smile
Brotha, thanks so much for the support likewise with the vote, hope you enjoy my 80's Megamix as much as I do... Thanks again...
Ive been feelin' the drums lately-a little less engineered sound-more soulful-
i promise with this mix your summer will come in with a bang!!
With the pounding as the glue...
I dropped some classic "house" vocals -
DJ Ken Stone
Thanks! I really appreciate your comment and vote.
Thanks for the comment and vote,
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