minty jeccica

From osaka, Japan
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Many thanks for your support!!! Best Regards
Many thanks for your support!!! Regards
DJ English
Hi my friend thank you for your votes and comments. Your love and continued support is very much appreciated. smile smile smile
Antonio Rossi
Thanks for the vote and kind comment much Appreciated ENJOY
KYMP Kamp DJs, Hittmenn DJs Midwest holding it down!!!! Please enjoy the ride and PLEASE send feed back. REQUESTS are always welcome, but please keep in mind, I'm a Hip Hop, R&B, Top 40 style dj. I ho...
Levi Lyman
Thanks for listening and voting!
East Flatbush Dj Mark
Thanks for the votes and comments.
Levi Lyman
thanks for the support! cheers!
Many thanks for your support!!! Best Regards
DJ English
Hey thank you for the vote, comment, very much appreciated. smile
Thank you for your support , much appreciated. Ta Sally x
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