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August 22, 1972
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September 22, 2017
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Music enters the mind, the body and the soul. Those who love listening to electronic music have felt it. Sunroomstudio started off their journey in the early 90s & has become a constant in the sound of underground electronic until present day. Achieving a quality known to the public as love of electronic music. Sunroomstudio DJ's are well known for putting DJ sets into action with fantastic mixing skills that brings the journey to the people, and keeps them in the vibe until the very end. Our DJ's have spent many years playing and exploring turntables, synthesizers, drum-machines and other tools, and has reached a fantastic level of expertise, that is unique within the international scene. Through these many positive points having been discussed, Sunroomstudio Recordings is a name to look out for. We hope you enjoy playing these mixes and tracks. You like what you hear? Book us to blow your party into the next world.