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From Houston, United States
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November 30, 1999
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July 18, 2016
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January 23, 2012
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About Me
DJ Generation was born in the 80's during the pinnacle of the mash up of various styles and genres of music and when artist were able to freely express themselves and be unique. The population at that time was able to listen to all types of music that surpassed the present stereotypes and divisions that exist.
With this experience and knowledge, as well as his love of music of all types; he is able to provide a vast range of musical experience to any audience.

The Story of DJ Generation:
After traveling to the future and seeing future events occur; DJ Generation was able to see where the future of music is heading. Armed with this knowledge he returned to the present to save people from the mundane state that music has taken due to the lack of individuality and corporate / financial interest.