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LU>IS the DJ
Thorsten Bergen, Tänan tähelepanu eest minu DJ mix. And Thanks for your support. You can also find me on facebook at Thanks and any blessings..
LU>IS the DJ
Dank Thorsten for your support. I will keep you posted on future remixes. Thanks again..
D.R beats
thanks for the great support on my mixes Thorsten smile
DJ English
Wow Thorsten thank you for all your votes and very kind comments on my sets I really appreciate all your kind support I am glad you enjoyed them. THANK YOU smilesmilesmile
Many thanks for your support!!! Best Regards
Hi Thorsten.. Thank you for listening to my mixes.. Stay in touch for more..
DJ English
Thank you so much Thorsten Bergen for your vote and comment on US Number Ones Of 2013 your love and continued support is very much appreciated. smile smile smile
DJ English
Thank you so much for your vote and comment on Baby Mash Up. I Appreciate your love and great support. smile smile smile
Thank you for you great support))Much appreciated..Zorkan
DJ English
WOW Thank you so much my friend for all your votes. I appreciate the love and support. smile smile smile
thx again, thorsten bergen...
omg, so viele Sternchen......hoffe, Du hattest Spaß beim Anhören... Vielen Dank, daß Du Dir die Zeit genommen hast.....schöne Woche, wünsch ich... thx
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