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Sascha K. aka Kleiner S
Thanks a lot for the many comments and requests :D It`s a huge pleasure to see how the people enjoy my music

When you interested in some stuff more from me, check the following social media platforms:

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Muchas gracias a ti. Feliz salida y entrada de año!!!
KYMP Kamp DJs, Hittmenn DJs Midwest holding it down!!!! Please enjoy the ride and PLEASE send feed back. REQUESTS are always welcome, but please keep in mind, I'm a Hip Hop, R&B, Top 40 style dj. I ho...
MCP House Music
Thank you but I'm one woman lol
Gracias por tu apoyo Airon!!!! Un saludo
Hey Bro, great to read such positive feed-backs. Thanks, take care Wink.
Muchas gracias tio!!! Que disfrutes de las sesiones.
Hi Airon, thanks for ur support, i hope u like it. smile
D.R beats
hi Airon thanks for the support on Jammin smile
Tu si que no me fallas tio. Muchas gracias!!!
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