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Dj B.G

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Dj Soulseo
Thank u for nice comment and vote! bye from Lugano.
Ronald Richel
hey, thanks for you vote with 50 points on "boost up" and your very nice comment Wink
Thank you so much for all the votes and comments! Happy you enjoyed the sets. And more to come... The lounge section is rich in quality mixes smile
Deejay Angelo
hello thank you very much for your vote and comment, greatly appreciated, regards !!
thanks swissprince64. i'm glad you like this series of retro.
Thanks mate, for the vote and comment!
DJ Lord Heyz
Hi there swissprince, thank you for your support, i'm glad you enjoyed my set, have a great weekend, and a great 2013, greetings to you from NYC
Awesome swiss, thank you for the vote and hope the x-mas party goes well, Merry Christmas ;-)
Thanks for vote and comment!
Bobby Rhymer
Thanks for your support mate smile
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