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October 4, 2010
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February 26, 2013
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Welcome to my sanctuary...of house. I play almost all new music . I bump electro, progressive, tek and tribal. I host a weekly radio show on sirius/xm called Club Tales Series. Generally my mixes are layered builds, always bumpin strong and keep getting bigger. I search for the best tracks, many less than weeks old and I'm not tracking top 10 lists so generally dont look to me as your pop dj! I love to rip old classics, chipping in vocals,creating mashups and generally layering in familiar beats and loops. This also creates longer track lists so dont be intimidated by that.

The prize is fresh, daring, unexpected and sometimes truly amazing. Sometimes...not so amazing and you always seem to tell me. Please pass on my mixes. And tell your friends. My goal is to turn 45,000 downloads a month into 100,000. im available to play through my agent at