From Liepaja, Latvia
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DJ BigVic
thanks for the Swing mix support smile
merçi pour le HIP HOP passe de bonnes fetes joyeux noel smile Wink
DJ Lord Heyz
Thanks for the support, very highly appreciated, have a great week!
Deejay Angelo
hello thank you very much for your massive vsupport, greatly appreciated, all the best
Baz Watkins
Thanks for listening and voting, much appreciated, all the best, Baz Watkins.
Dj Takis_K
Thank you for your support and your vote I appreciate it!
Deejay Angelo
hello, thank so much for your support much appreciated, greats !
Thanks for your great support my friend))Much and greatly appreciated))Greatz,Zorkan.
Thanks for the Familiar Faces support! I just uploaded a new electro mix today, check it out if you get a minute.
Hey Dainis!
Thanks for your feedback on "Fabric of the Cosmos", hope your friends like it aswell! greetz* =)
Deejay Angelo
hello Dainis, thanks so much for your vote and nice comment, greatly appreciated, cheers from France !!! hey, you're deejay, why you hav'nt mix in your profil ?
Baz Watkins
Thankyou for listening and voting, much appreciated, all the best, Baz Watkins.
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