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Thank you very much for your vote on my Never Stop Party mix, you rocks !!!
The new one : Snowy Party 2009 is online.
You can check it out on my profile.
And, as usual, if you love it, don't forget to vote a 50 for it Wink
hi there
thx a lot for your support smile
big up brotech
DJ Mojito is online.
see us HERE again, ok?
DJ Mojito is online.
First: Many thanks for your vote and your comment about our big trance mix!
In fact I love trance, but I love really all music! Thus I have many "fans" from all genres!
Some people love my rough hardda...
Thanks for the support. Remember, PLAY IT LOUD!!!
You are sooooo welcome! Thx for listening! Let me know if you play and so we can spread the word!
Free. love. -Mel
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