DJ Jerkstar (DJ dKy)

From Nürnberg, Germany
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April 13, 2020
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About Me
Sascha Marquardt, alias DJ Jerkstar, was born on September 1st, 1984.
Fifteen years later, he happended to get his hands on a mixtape by the well-known german DJ Polique and immediately became curious about mixing and composition.
After initially playing with mixing-software on his computer, he saved his money for professional equipment and started recording mixtapes for his friends and family.
Encouraged by the success of his tapes he started mixing professionally in 2001. The former Bedroom-DJ Donkey, a tribute to his nickname, became DJ dKy.
Since then, he has played the hottest in U.S. Hip Hop Music in various locations in Germany.
In 2007 he released "On air" the first mixtape featuring live MCs Xsouchill and El Niño.
The Three young artists founded "Latino Movement Records" in 2008 and released a series of mixtapes.
In 2009, U.S.-Rapper Big-B 301 discovered DJ dKy and Latino Movement Records and recorded samples for them, which were used in the mixtape "Rock the Boat" feat. El Niño and Xsouchill.
In 2010, DJ El Toro joined Latino Movement Records to start a "Black Music feat. House & Electro"-project which is called "best of Elblacktro".
Since 2011, DJ dKy is known as DJ Jerkstar.