Eddhi Cheq

From Luanda, Angola
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ATTN: DJ’s, Artists and Producer………

Mixmastermixxlabel proudly announce our new venture l DA-MIXX 90.7 Internet radio this venture is to promote music and DJ mixes remixes and DJ Edited as well as original production worldwide. Our mission is to give DJs and Producers and outlet too showcase their creativity
How to get mixes or original production to us, simply attach your mp3 file on an email to damixxradio@gmail.com. Make sure to give your mix set a title and your DJ name and we will add your products in our rotation giving you your own radio program.
Eddhi Cheq
Dj Ashley Alexander
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DJ J For J is online.
Eddhi Cheq
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De Galloy
De Galloy
I love your tracks Eddhi. Please share more..
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Eddhi Cheq
thank you!! a lot... ill be posting more soon
  • February 5, 2015
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