From oostkerke, Belgium
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March 4, 1984
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February 25, 2018
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February 25, 2018
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Gary Dima-Tekk

Born in the 80ties, march 4, 1984, somewhere in the Belgian ardens,
when acid, house and techno were thriving in Belgian clubs
and soon after, all over the world.

Gary, part of a large family with a big history,
moved to a coastal city near Ostend.

At the age of 8 he started to fool around with record players
after he saw one of his brothers friends play records.

Turning into a teenager he took a job distributing fresh fish, on his old bike, to restaurants around the city where he lived.
With his first earnings he bought two professional technics and never looked back.

DJ Gary Dima-Tekk then 18years old, was born

Inspired by the music he heard when he was a kid
and inspired by his hero’s
Dave Clark , dj preach ,mark broom, marco bailey, marco carrola, dj rush,adam beyer,slam,ben sims

Dima-Tekk started adding his own flavor, using his emotions
fueled by family drama’s, he started making dark techno.
Never losing his sense of humor, never forgetting his roots, he started playing important venues in Belgium.

When he turned 20, Dima-Tekk started to take his beats to a higher beatrate per minute
and so entered the hardcore, hard techno scene.
Dj Gary dima tek started to get bookings all over Belgium.
25 years old and producing hard techno, Gary now has his own agent.
and is entering the hi-end professional world of producers and dj’s.