From Honolulu, Hawaii, United States
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  • djjohnnyice djjohnnyice
  • Reuenberg Reuenberg
DJ Lord Heyz
Thank you for your support, it means alot!! Greetings to Hawaii from NYC!!
Hi and thanks for your comment and support! i am happy to like it!!
Digital Defeckt
Thank you for the support! Appreciate it! Please stay tuned for more!
Hi , thankx for the listen and vote...hope i wont let you down with my next mix....
Hi Thanks for your support smile
DJ BigVic
thanks for the London Bridge
mix vote smile
DJ BigVic
thanks for the vote smile
Ive been feelin' the drums lately-a little less engineered sound-more soulful-
i promise with this mix your summer will come in with a bang!!
With the pounding as the glue...
I dropped some classic "house" vocals -
Tim Angrave
Hiya, thanks for listening to 'The Sound 2.' I will do another funky house mix in the future some time I'm sure, cheers Tim.
Tim Angrave
Hiya and thanks loads for your support on 'Hands In The Air' I really appreciate it, Tim.
Dancefloor Whores
Thanks so much for the vote and comment....much appreciation smile
great work on your January 08 mix! It was a pleasure to listen to. A lot of drive going on. It would surely keep me on the dance floor and believe me, thats pretty rare!
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