Fancy Dj

From BadZe, Germany
Tomas Shan
Hello again smile)

Try my mix on the following link Wink)
Its my third style i play and its called: Techno
Tomas Shan
Thank you Francy smile) i'm managed nothing, i bought the best tracks (of my meaning) of the week on vinyl and mixed them together. and thats it smile) greetings from zuerich & stay funky smile)
Hi Fancy,
Thank you very much for your support and nice comment.
Glad you liked this "Apparition".
See you.
Deejay Angelo
hello Fancy, thank you very much for your support and your incredible comment on ibiza 3, i'm touched, greatings !
Grand merçi Fancy pour ton com. & soutien sur LES INDIGNES smile Wink
Danke Danke,sehr erfreut über Deine votes und com.
DJ Phonic
Thanks for the great comment dude, means a lot. much appreciated!
Danke schöen mein freund!
Hiya! Thank You very much for Your timesmile I hope You are oksmileThankssmile
Many thanks for your kind vote and comment! Much appreciated.
Some Kind of House
Thank you very much for your vote and of course your constructive comment smile i really appriciate the support ,thank you!
Deejay Angelo
hello, thank you very much for your support, much appreciated, cheers !!
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