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Lychee was born in London in 1978 to Indian and English parents. From day one she was exposed to a wide array of music. Her family were very musically minded, playing instruments, singing, dancing, in bands etc. Her family were also very multicultural, hence a lot of different musical tastes were played and listened to all of the time. Her father, Indian, did not really grow up listening to Indian music, his preference was funk, as was his younger siblings' and family's. This was Lychee's main musical influence. Funk, P-Funk, Jazz-Funk, New Jack Swing (80s/90s), R&B, Soul, and also a lot of latin guitar based music (Al DiMeola, Santana), as well as Pink Floyd, Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk and so on. Chill/lounge/psy chill etc came later, as did exposure to deep house music although she had some exposure to house in 90's. She has always made mixtapes,mostly R&B/hip-hop beats, and prepared lengthy playlists for house parties. She hopes you will enjoy her work here.