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August 25, 1974
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November 4, 2019
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Actually, with all due respect, Eddie, EVERYBODY can understand House Music.

I love House Music. I think I love it too much I love it so much that I actually hate most house music because I know how excellent it could be so new here saying it's just very very good it's a let down pause music is the skin I live in it is my nerves bad blood and my heart.

House music has colored every moment of my life since I first heard it at a bar in 1992 and it doesn't seem to be letting up on me at all.

Learning and sharing the history of house music especially post Chicago in the northeast of the United States and how it varied between rave dance floors upstairs night clubs in downstairs night clubs during that era.. I'm fascinated by the careers of the DJs who were making things happen at that time.. the ones who recognize that proto-house would never be quite right until a little freestyle, a little hip-hop, and even a little punk rock was introduced to it.

I love so much about house that I get into a fights about it all the time and related topics too. I debated somebody who works at Panasonic about how to predict pronounce Technic. I argued with Jesse Saunders over how many years it was since the release of on and on. Wrote trongly worded letters to several of the online DJ schools correcting nitpicky mistakes and even sent a suggestion to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary that they add an additional definition of the word house, meaning, of course, our music.

Honestly although it keeps me happy and busyy I kind of think I might have a problem.. whatevs. No more time for profiles have to go play some house.
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